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Radio General 
(Warrington Hospital Radio) 
Your feel better station for
Warrington Hospital & surrounding areas.
Listen on Hospedia Radio Channel 1 or online.

The present day Radio General, owes its origin to two separate organisations....

Warrington Rugby Commentators Association
In 1952, Jack Steel of the Warrington Guardian reported that rugby commentaries had started in Oldham. He wrote to the Warrington Rugby League Club asking for permission to do the same.

The Warrington board agreed to the scheme and on Saturday 28th February 1953, just before the 2nd round Challenge Cup tie at Wilderspool Stadium between Warrington and Workington Town, Fred Davies, the Warrington Club Chairman broadcast a goodwill message to the patients of the local hospitals. This was then followed by the first live match commentary by George Duckworth, Ossie Roberts and Paul Cowell.

Ever since that day in 1953 a dedicated team of commentators have with the blessing and assistance of the Warrington Club broadcast a full live commentary on each first team match played at the stadium.

Warrington Council Of Youth Hospital Broadcasts
The Hospital Request Service was started on 7th November 1957 after months of preparation by the Warrington Council of Youth. The idea of a hospital radio station came after some members visited an existing one in Stockport. At first the records requested were borrowed, played, then returned. Teams took it in turns to collect requests or present the programmes. Broadcasts were originally on Thursday evening and Sunday morning.

In 1974 we did our first Outside Broadcast with coverage of the Warrington Walking Day. This started a tradition of Outside Broadcasts which continues today. Also in 1974 we did our first Christmas broadcast from the retail market. Our OB's now span from Victoria Park and Walton Gardens to live events and concerts from The Parr Hall.

Two become One
In the mid 1970's it was felt that the two sides of hospital broadcasting in Warrington could be better served if they became one organisation, although it must be said there was never any conflict between them. So Radio General was formed, providing both the rugby commentaries and the Hospital Request Service.

During the time Radio General has been on air, the studios have moved around the hospital somewhat. In 1982 we moved into our last home, our first custom built studios. These were subsequently extended in 1986 in order to increase our broadcasting facilities.

In 1984, in order to raise funds, we did our first 50 hour sponsored broadcast, which included using nearly all our OB locations. In 1997, the station celebrated 40 years of Hospital Requests. The occasion was marked with a birthday party, followed by a non stop 40 hour broadcast. The sponsored broadcast was extended to 50 hours the following year to mark the 50th anniversary of the NHS.

2001 saw us move again to our present home in the main entrance of Warrington Hospital. Our studios are the best we've ever had and we thank the Hospital greatly for allowing us to move here.